Terra Nostra by Mimi Mollica

Mimi Mollica has forged a world in conflict at the printspace. Mollica’s world is, specifically, Sicily – an island continually struggling to emancipate itself from its traumatic past. He calls his conception of Sicily “Terra Nostra” or “Our Land,” “our” being a reference to the islands native inhabitants. These are a people of sublime normalcy, achingly beautiful in their everyday aspects as they buy fish from the local market or smoke a cigarette on the street.

All things, however, can only exist in contrast, and the images of “Terra Nostra” are in part so magnificent because they exist in the shadow of that which is so ugly. That particular ugliness is the Sicilian mafia, known as the “Cosa Nostra” or “Our Thing.” Their actions ravage the area and the cost of such destruction can be seen in the sunken cheeks, pining eyes, and darkened spaces that characterize much of Mollica’s work.

Sicily is a world at war, but Mollica has no intention of recording its bloody battles. His brilliance, rather, lies in his ability to capture the effects of those battles and transforms them into something worthwhile. His work is, “a plea for us Sicilians to claim back ownership of a land stolen by the destructive and pervasive presence of Cosa Nostra.” A plea with all the melancholic elegance of “Chopin Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2.” Through Mollica’s lens we can see that there is grace amongst the wreckage.

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